February 2013

The V-Motion Project – Make Music with Your Body

The V Motion Project by the Assembly was a collaboration between a lot of clever creative people working together to create a machine that turns motion into music. The client for the project, Frucor (makers of V energy drink), together with their agency Colenso BBDO, kitted-out a warehouse space for this project to grow in and gathered together a group of talented people from a number of creative fields.

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behind the scenes of life of pi

Academy-award winning director Ang Lee is known for his dedication to getting things perfect before they are captured on film and without doubt Life of Pi will have no shortage of scenes that make you go “wow.” Don’t be surprised if cinematographer Claudio Miranda (Tron: Legacy, Curious Case of Benjamin Button) takes home an Oscar for his work on Pi.  He has been nominated before, but given all the raves the film has received from screenings, this year could very well be the one for him.

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Life Of Pi Visual Effects Artists Protest Oscar Red Carpet

Ryan Seacrest wasn’t the only one holding court on the red carpet Oscar evening. In the background – likely way, way in the back – more than 400 visual effects technicians marched on Hollywood to demand better recognition for the work they do behind the scenes.

Specifically, technicians who contributed to Ang Lee’s Life of Pi gathered outside the Dolby theater in Hollywood, according to The Guardian UK. The paper says that the protest was organized after the popular Rhythm & Hues effects house filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy shortly after winning a BAFTA award for the work they did on Lee’s mystical film.

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You’ll Be Amazed—Projection Mapping On A Human Face

Video mapping a human face is not entirely new—we’ve seen Zach Lieberman and friends do it using a Kinect and an LED projector in the video for BELL’s “Chase No Face.” But this video ups the game a little and completely immerses the actor in the projected visuals, covering the whole head and upper body so he becomes a human chameleon. Turn him into a cyberman, a bearded metaller, even a human Google map, making it a great tool for Halloween, if you had the spare cash—and you sat still, in a room, while people stared at you.

The project was commissioned by Samsung in Portugal for a new phone, and the video mapping was done by Oskar & Gaspar from an idea by agency Excentric. There don’t seem to be any details online yet about the tech specifics, so lets just revel in our ignorance and enjoy the visuals.

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Digital Domain : Making of Medal of Honor Warfighter

Digital Domain  just completed a gorgeous breakdown reel of their work for EA’s Medal of Honor Warfighter.

The cinematics for EA’s Medal of Honor Warfighter game tell a dramatic story within the game experience, with emotional scenes of life off the battlefield. Looking near-photo-real and featuring stunning animated characters, the style deliberately carries a ‘digital’ feeling to keep the cinematics and gameplay experience in the same visual realm. Digital Domain used the same techniques, technology and pipeline deployed for digital human creation on the feature films TRON: Legacy and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – adapting them to meet the faster turnaround time and stylistic requirements of cinematics.

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Discover the art of projection mapping

Projection mapping may not be familiar to everyone, but the technique can be used to create some incredible visual displays. If you’re new to the concept — or just feel like learning a bit more about it — Belgian filmmaker Dane Luttik has put together a short documentary that delves into the phenomenon and provides some terrific examples. “Basically the idea is to send light really precisely on to objects, on to different structures,” explains artist Joanie Lemercier. “It’s pretty much the opposite of projecting a video onto a flat rectangular screen.” You can check out the entire seven-minute-long film below.

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2013 Oscar Winners Announced

2013 Oscar Winners Announced at 85th Annual Academy Awards, Sunday in Los Angeles:
Argo Is Oscar’s Best Picture Life Of Pi also does well… After a night that most Oscar viewers would consider mixed – some moments worked, other jokes bombed or ran long – there were a few surprises and a lot of winners everyone predicted. Anne Hathaway scooped Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables (and sang on stage with the cast), Lincoln’s Daniel Day-Lewis picked up Best Actor and Argo was the Best Picture.
Christoph Waltz took home another Best Supporting Actor trophy for Django Unchained and Michael Haneke was the predictable champ in the Foreign Film category.
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Canon Rocks Hollywood With the EOS C500 4K

Canon’s Cinema EOS System brings together unique expertise from the company’s DSLR, video, broadcast and lens divisions – offering exceptional quality and creative freedom to professionals of all kinds. With the new entry-level EOS C100 and the 4K EOS C500, the system has grown to meet a range of production requirements for users of all levels. Additionally Canon’s new cine zoom lenses provide excellent value and performance in EF and PL variants – offering compatibility with virtually any camera in production today.

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Exploration – Matte Painting

Matte Animation for Exploration BREAKDOWN | VFX – Exploration from Pedro Fernandes.

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female character digital sculpting with zbrush

WARNING! This Making of Contains Nudity.

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