Vigorsol – Ice Man


MPC’s team of concept artists developed an extensive series of exploratory sketches using films such as ‘Wrath of the Titans’ as reference. The team researched volcanic behaviour, as well as ice cracks and rocks to create the monster, affectionately nicknamed James. The team took special care to define James’ personality, using human expressions and applying them  to the 3D model.  This allows a high level of anthropomorphism, and shows James both angrily  destroying the city, then in shock as he is vapourised.The next step was to determine the texture of his body. The team constructed a shader in Maya that  could dynamically change its apparent temperature to vary between volatile fiery lava, all the way  down to icy frozen rock.

In the final spot we see a city under siege. The opening scene was built up using stock footage and built  up still frames. MPC’s extensive element library was used to add smoke effects while the team of matte  painters added a menacing feel to the sky. The helicopters were created in5house and are completely

As James gets to work destroying the city, his touch on the buildings around him blackens them5 this  effect was added by the matte painting team. A great deal of the fire and flames were captured in  camera, and were embellished with CG elements. As James turns a corner to face up to the Ice Man, the  buildings behind him were added for scale, as well as additional cars and buildings in the background.   A bespoke shattering software system was used to vanquish James, and break down his body into rocks. There was extensive clean up involved in the job, plus rotoscoping and compositing James so he fit the  shots perfectly.  The team added ice to cars and the road, embellished explosions and matte painted in  extra parts of the city.

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