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Weta Digital’s Technical Academy Award Winner Tissue System.
Weta Digitals Tissue System/Program helped developers to win Technical Academy Award Oscar for making Character look so very real.

The cutting-edge Weta Digital Tissue System has helped a computer generated characters to a whole new level. Tissues are physically by simulation framework that allows us to build complex anatomical models muscles skin and fat for virtual characters its that depth of detail but makes the difference other programs focus upon the skin but this one also builds the supporting flesh underneath giving a much more realistic look. and it’s not only The Lord the rings franchise Avatar, Hobbits, Avengers, Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

what was trying to do is validated real world to the virtual world so if we can we can make something on the computer that matches. what we short for real then were in good Shape many characters like Gollum, Goblin King & Azog  by Weta Digitals.

Gollum feels real because all of his decisions about where his bones are always muscles are how they work the relationships between based the real person the suits movements captured by cameras and then the body positions captured from the suit applied to the tissue system to drive the muscles and the program is based on loads of biomechanics technologies including MRI.

because the more accurate their software for more realistic their characters move something that allows faster more accurate production you’re giving all the work to the computer rather than expect an individual by hand go in there and adjust every little thing frame by frame in order to look correct its the game changer for filmmakers.

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