You’ll Be Amazed—Projection Mapping On A Human Face

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 3.50.48 PM

Video mapping a human face is not entirely new—we’ve seen Zach Lieberman and friends do it using a Kinect and an LED projector in the video for BELL’s “Chase No Face.” But this video ups the game a little and completely immerses the actor in the projected visuals, covering the whole head and upper body so he becomes a human chameleon. Turn him into a cyberman, a bearded metaller, even a human Google map, making it a great tool for Halloween, if you had the spare cash—and you sat still, in a room, while people stared at you.

The project was commissioned by Samsung in Portugal for a new phone, and the video mapping was done by Oskar & Gaspar from an idea by agency Excentric. There don’t seem to be any details online yet about the tech specifics, so lets just revel in our ignorance and enjoy the visuals.

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